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Why I Want to Help With the SNAP Playground

By Tarri Drake

What a joy it is to play with my kids at a playground! I love to take them on a pretty sunny day and hear their squeals and laughter. It is one of our favorite family activities and we go quite often. In the past week and a half, we have played at the park 4 times. It’s fun and it’s free!
I can’t imagine not being able to enjoy a park with my kids. How hard it must be for a mother of a handicapped child to maneuver a wheelchair over the small pebbles at most parks. I can remember when my twins were small and the difficulty I had going to places with rugged terrain. I got so tired out pushing their double stroller and getting that heavy thing in and out of the car, that by the time we returned home, I was exhausted. God bless the mothers who will always be faced with the difficulty and challenges of pushing their child in a wheelchair.
When I learned that over 1,700 kids in Morgan County are special needs, I was shocked. That’s almost 3 times the amount of students enrolled at Barkley Bridge. The families of those kids need our help. Our own children will also grow from experiencing friendships with these kids. Oh, the possible life lessons they could learn from simply playing together! I want my children to have the chance to reach out and touch them and to also ‘be touched’ in a very special way. I am willing to help make this dream a reality.

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